Association Les Amis de James Coignard
Fonds James Coignard
107 rue André Karman, 93300 Aubervilliers - France Tel: 06 82 66 38 22

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Les Amis de James Coignard - Fonds James Coignard

The main purpose of the association Les Amis de James Coignard's (Friends of James Coignard) is to support, promote and further the work of James Coignard. It is the meeting-point for all those concerned by the artist's work, willing to participate in its propagation.

After the artist's departure in March 2008, his children formed this association in order to pay tribute to the man and artist. It has since then become the structure of reference concerning James Coignard’s work.

James Coignard - Peinture sur toile - Plan de vol - 1990 - 81x65 cm

Project: preserve, promote, further

The association’s work is organized around these main purposes and is based upon its exhaustive collection of James Coignard’s art.
The association’s ambition is to preserve a coherent ensemble of the artist’s work through an inventory of the collection, and by creating an archive and by publishing a catalogue about his painted works.
In order to make James Coignard’s work known to a larger public, the association initiates and encourages research as well as organizes temporary exhibitions together with galleries and museums.


  • Rétrospective à la Galerie Capazza – 22 mars au 29 juin

    Six years after James Coignard’s death, the Galerie Capazza, with support from The Friends of James Coignard, is hosting a significant retrospective of the artist’s career. From his early École de Paris paintings to his 

    monumental abstract compositions, the exhibit will showcase an exceptional collection of pieces, some which have never before been presented to the public.